This simple, convenient, and effective way to practice Buddha name chanting is especially suitable for those who find that they have little time for cultivation. The chanting helps us to be mindful of Amitabha Buddha and, thus, even in the midst of a busy day can bring us a few moments of calm.

We begin when we wake up. Sit up straight and clearly chant "Amituofo" ten times with a calm and focused mind, aloud or silently. We repeat this eight more times during the day, each time chanting "Amituofo" ten times. Throughout the day, our chanting can be done at the following times:



Upon waking up,

before and after breakfast,

before work,

before and after lunch,

before and after dinner,

and before retiring.



If you find it takes the ten chants to just begin to focus, you can chant several more times until you feel your last ten were done more mindfully.

The key is regularity; disruption of this practice will reduce its effectiveness. When we recite consistently without interruption, we will soon feel an increase in our wisdom, serenity, and purity of mind.

Diligent practice of this method together with unwavering belief, vow, and living a moral life can ensure that we will be closer to fulfilling our wish to reach the Western Pure Land.

When practicing Buddha-name chanting,
the most important thing

is to keep our minds
continuously focused

and without distraction.

It is not necessary to chant rapidly.

Chant comfortably—neither too slowly nor too quickly.

Continuously and clearly,

let the Buddha’s name flow

through our minds.


If we can mindfully chant

the Buddha’s name in this way,

even during our daily activities,

then we will be zealous in

Buddha name chanting.


~ Master Shin Cheh ~