What is Chanting Player ?

This player works like a radio that plays "Amituofo." (Chinese for Amitabha Buddha.) It is portable, can run on an adapter or on batteries, and is extremely economical to use.

User Instructions for Model #K-787:

There are various models of chanting players available and comes with different tunes of chants. The following user instructions are based on Model #K-787, but can be used as a guide for most models.

1. Contents of the player :

This player plays the following three Buddha Name chants:
To sample the sound file, please click one of the tune or right click to download.
Amituofo chanting (Tune 1).
Amituofo chanting (Tune 2).
Amituofo chanting (Voice of Venerable Master Chin Kung).
Choose which chant you would like to hear by turning the “chanting selector” control and adjusting the volume. This can be done while the machine is playing.
Note: The Amituofo chants above can now be download from Amitabha Gallery. You can download the chants and burn into CDs, MP3 or transfer the chants to your Ipod for your own convenience. This is for non profit use only.

2. Benefits :

Practical – can be played anytime and for as long as you like.
Convenient – simply turn on the volume control.
Portable – can be used at home, in the car, or anywhere else to create a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere.
Multipurpose – suitable for group or individual chanting.
Peaceful – listen to it when you have a break from chanting, to help young children fall asleep, during illness, or in a patient’s final hours.

3. How to use the Player :

For indoor use: 110V/22V.
Connect the AC adaptor supplied.
To play, turn on the power control, then volume control.

4. Handling and care :

The volume control is also the on/off switch.
During normal usage, the light will be on indicating there is power.
If when using the battery, the chanting becomes distorted, either change the battery or connect to an electrical outlet.
The earphone outlet can be used for Speaker/Headphone connection.
To prolong the life of the player, do not place the player in:
Humid or dusty locations
Locations directly exposed to a heat vent or heating appliance
Remove the batteries if you do not intend to use the player for more than a few weeks.

5. Precautions :

To avoid damage to the player, please use the adaptor supplied.

6. About Amitabha Buddha name Recitation :

Recitation of the name “Amituofo” is a way to purify our minds, our thoughts and our environment. When our minds are serene and compassionate, our living environment will become tranquil. The benefits from this kind of thought wave is amazing, able to neutralize the turbulent thought waves even from others’ greed, anger, ignorance and arrogance.
And everyone can benefit from this recitation regardless of religion.
Everyone can take part in Chanting for Peace in their home - just turn on the chanting player and chant along with it.

7. Where can I get this Chanting Player :

If you wish to chant along for world peace with the help of a Chanting Player, but do not know where to get one, please contact the following centers for a complimentary Chanting player.
(Please Note: This is subject to the availability of player in the center. There will be different models of chanting player available at different centers and at different times, with different tunes of chants. There is no guarantee that you will get the same model, as these players are donations made to the respective centers.)

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Amituofo primarily means “the Buddha of Infinite Light and Infinite Life.”