Common Buddhism Questions
Are the Mind-only Pure Land and the self-nature Amitabha the same as Western Pure Land and Amitabha in the Pure Land ?
What is the meaning of the statement: "birth ( in the Pure Land ) is certainly birth, but returning ( to the Pure land ) is, in fact, not returning ?"
Some people say: "To see the Buddha is to see the Buddha of the Self-Mind, not the Buddha of the Western Pure Land." This being the case, at the time of death, is it the Buddha of the Self-Mind who appears, or is it Buddha Amitabha who comes to receive and guide us ?
Can we also clear away bad karma if we invoke the great name of Amitabha with a scattered mind ?
If we make vows now, it is not correct that all we can talk about is the life to come, not this present life ?
If Amitabha's Pure land is a hundred billions worlds away from here, how can we reborn there instantly ?
Common Pure Land questions

To be proud of what we have received or to envy others for what they have, will rob us of our peace of mind.