Retold in English by G B Talovich

You are about to enter a different world, a world you may scarcely have known existed.


Although most of the stories you have read took place in China, similar events are going on around you every day. These things happen to you, to me, to your family and teachers, to every living creature on earth.

But you may not be aware of what is going on because you do not understand. If you do not understand, that is because you have never learned how to see.


Most of those stories have been told in English before. This is a new realm of experience for you, so you will have to keep your eyes open and be ready to learn. Some of those stories you may not understand, others you may not even believe. But ebery single one of those one hundred stories is true.


They are true because they are simple accounts of universal laws. Western science already knows about how the sun helps plant grow, how the moon makes tides, and many other everyday facts that are not obvious at first glance, and were unknown to people long ago. But there are also many facts that science has not yet discovered. Some of those things are well known to people long ago in other cultures. Just because science has not yet discovered them does not mean they are not true. It means that they are waiting for us to learn about them.


Every single story here teaches an important lesson for you. If you learn these lessons well, you will win a lifetime supply of health, wisdom and happiness.


If you ignore these lessons, and break the laws of universe....may be one day you might become the one hundred first story!


Are you ready now? Let's begin!